Hello, I am Tayah Lucia!


Not everyone is comfortable with a telephone or face to face reading, so I have organised some time to provide a set amount of emailed Tarot readings for you.

Please note that I am extremely busy doing readings so email me first to ask what the waiting time is so that you aren’t disappointed with the wait. I sometimes have cancellations with my other job so can fit readings in.

Please look at Reading Options

I use a mixture of tarot and clairvoyance to give as good a reading as possible for you. Readings are priced at £10 and payable by bank transfer.

When you email please include the following:

  • Your month and year of birth.
  • 3 questions you would like answered.

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I have time to do two 3 question readings today. £10 will get you a Star Guide Spread or Planetary Spread reading in PDF format (depending on the 3 questions you ask) a photo of your spread, your astrological chart and a PDF explaining the elements of your astro chart and how they influence your personality. If you would like a more in depth reading then let me know. These are £20 ...

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One of todays reading for MrsH... This is an example of what you will get as well as a written astro chart explanation and written tarot reading... this reading was a quick health and immediate situation reading using my Herbal Tarot. ...

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